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Our National Board brings together a talented, engaged and diverse assembly of Muslim women from across the country, including successful individuals from the public sector, health care industry, academy, and field of business and finance.  The board works with consultants, leading experts and members of the Muslim community to develop projects events and community-based initiatives. While the National Board works to further CCMW’s objectives at a national level, it is the cross-national chapters and members that advance its goals and objectives at the local level

CCMW National Board

Nuzhat Jafri, President (Toronto)

Fauzya Talib, Vice Chair (Ottawa)

Mariam Ghiacy, Treasurer (Calgary)

Nina Karachi-Khaled, Secretary (Niagara)

Nafeesa Sheikh (Waterloo/ Wellington)

Najet Hassan (London)

Shaheen Ashraf (Montreal)

Solmaz Sahin (Niagara)

Tahira Ebrahim (Calgary)