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Executive Director

Alia Hogben (C.M., LL.D.)

 “To me the values of Islam – social justice, compassion and equality – are the basis for the rights of citizens in a democracy”- Queen’s University 2011

image4Alia has been involved with CCMW since its establishment; first as a board member and now as the Executive Director, a position that she has dutifully held for more than a decade.  While working with the CCMW she has lead campaigns, which promote the equal status of women and interfaith-dialogue, presented at international conferences and helped develop community projects, publications and initiatives, which empower Muslim women and their families. An Honorary Doctorate recipient from Queen’s School of Divinity, in 2012 she became the second Canadian Muslim woman to be awarded the Order of Canada for her work in the area of women’s rights.  Yet, as Alia firmly establishes these recognitions are not individual accomplishments but reflect the collective spirit and hard work of CCMW:

“It is the Canadian Council of Muslim Women who passionately ‘desire a better country’ for all Canadians, and especially for those of us who ‘appear’ to be different because of religion, race or ethnicity…it (the Order of Canada) recognizes the efforts at the grassroots level of a small group of women to create change, to assist others to become part of the fabric of Canada, to be fully active in civic matters and to feel empowered to make their own lives better. It is a trickle in the vast scheme of things but how superb it is to be affirmed for our efforts!”

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