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CCMW Position Paper of Equity and Equality

This CCMW discussion paper tries to clarify our understanding and belief in the values of empowerment, equality and equity for Canadian Muslim women and girls. We do not claim this to be an academic or scholarly paper. We aim to explain in plain language our understanding of these concepts which are distinct but closely linked… Read more »

Why are Indian Muslims using the Arabic word ‘Ramadan’ instead of the traditional ‘Ramzan’?

Author: Shoaib Daniyal Source: It’s that time of the year again. As the annual month of dawn-to-dusk fasting begins, people everywhere are girding their social media loins to fight the inevitable lexical war that’s about to break out: Ramzan or Ramadan? This contentious battle is being fought over the name of the ninth month… Read more »

Saadia Ashraf, pioneering transition from national team player to coach

Author: Ameeta Vohra Source: Football Canada As Team Canada steps onto home field in late June to compete at the 2017 International Federation of American Football (IFAF) Women’s World Championships, history has been already made off the field. With Saadia Ashraf’s appointment as the team’s quarterbacks coach, she is the first women’s national team program… Read more »

The Problem with Liberal Opposition to Islamophobia

Author: Azeezah Kanji and S.K. Hassan Source: ROAR Magazine Between Donald Trump’s Muslim ban and the murder of six Muslim men in a mosque in Québec City, the debate around Islamophobia has again taken center stage in North American politics. On the other side of the Atlantic, anti-Islam groups like Pegida, the Front National and… Read more »

Abou Ben Adhem

Author: Alia Hogben At the end of May, Ramadan will start for Muslims. This is a month of fasting from dawn to sunset and is one of the five practices of Islam, which includes belief in One God; regular prayers; charity and the pilgrimage. We believe it was in this month that the Prophet Mohammad… Read more »

Grassroots leaders show the way

Author: Zainah Anwar Source: The Star Online They are no Westernised feminists but they see themselves as equal to men and with the right to build a better Indonesia. WHAT is it about the way Islam is taught and practised in Indonesia that over 500 women religious leaders could come together to issue fatwas declaring… Read more »

Yahoo Canadian Mean Tweets

Project by Yahoo Canada where they asked Muslims to read about the most vile comments about Islam that could be found. Click the picture on the left to play the video.

Religious Figures’ Gathering

Shaheen Ashraf from the CCMW Montreal chapter participated in a Religious Figures’ Gathering production by OKAY George! Studio. THE FILM George Karkour, a Syrian-Canadian documentary filmmaker, is exploring the state of affairs of interracial relations in North American societies, in Quebec in particular. What do different racial groups have in common? Do they face social and professional obstacles?… Read more »

Arthritis Mini-Conference

Canadian Arthritis Trainee Association (CATA)-Quebec, CCMW Montreal and the Arthritis Society of Montreal held a mini-conference on arthritis on Sunday April 9, 2017, which included three speakers. The resident orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Abdul Rahman Alaseem, talked about the different types of arthritis and how they are manifested in the body, with the help of slides… Read more »

Festival of Friendship fundraising dinner

Ottawa chapter members attended The Ottawa Muslim Women’s Organization’s annual Festival of Friendship fundraising dinner. The beneficiary will be the Shano Bejkosalaj Memorial Research Bursary For Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre. Keynote speaker is Cindy Blackstock, Exec. Dir. First Nations’ Child and Family Caring Society.