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  • Alia Hogben: Holy Blossom Temple

    Author: Alia Hogben Last week, I spoke at the Holy Blossom Synagogue in Toronto on an interfaith panel of Jews and Muslims, titled, “We refuse to be enemies.” I said that if we refuse to be enemies, then what is required of us to ensure we don’t fall into the trap of intolerance and discrimination?… Read more »


    original source: Whig Standard Column   Alia Hogben                                      Nov 7/2015. The federal elections are over and it is a glorious day for Canada. It is a day to hope and to feel optimistic, because all the fears, the hate mongering  and intimidation spewed during the campaign is over. Sadly, most of this was directed at… Read more »

  • Blog: Alia Hogben

    Author: Alia Hogben What I planned to write today was about the exciting book by Canadian Islamic scholar, Ayesha S. Chaudhry – Domestic Violence and the Islamic Tradition. However, under the grim shadows of destructive ISIS, and the ongoing wars in so many parts of the world affecting Muslims, I am overwhelmed and discouraged.

  • Death: The sum total of life or part of a journey?

    Author: Alia Hogben What is death? Does it mark the sum total of an individual’s life on this earth, or is it one part of the continuing journey of the soul? For some there is no such thing as the soul or that essence which continues beyond the death of the physical body. For others,… Read more »

  • Blog Post by CCMW’s Executive Director: Alia Hogben

    I am often asked if Islam’s and Canadian values are congruent or in conflict, which then raises the issue of what is meant by Canadian values. Some people think they are Judeo/Christian values, but I think these are far more encompassing. For example, equality of peoples has not always been in the forefront of Western… Read more »

  • Blog – Alia Hogben

    Author: Alia Hogben I am not alone in feeling deeply disheartened after the horrors of Paris a couple of weeks ago. As a Muslim and as a Canadian I feel conflicted and torn in making sense of the cold blooded murders, anti – Jewish killings, the attacks on Islam, and the violence used to defend… Read more »

  • Racist Labelling of Proposed Bill is Sickening

    (Author: Alia Hogben) There has been a spate of anti-Muslim acts of vandalism and racism, as a result of the murders in Quebec and Ottawa of the soldiers in November, by two men who were converts to Islam. Some mosques and Islamic centres have been targeted, including the Kingston one. I know there are some… Read more »

  • Let’s work together, not indulge in blame game

    Author: Alia Hogben It is hard to make sense of the tragic deaths of two military men, Corporal Nathan Cirillo and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent- in Ottawa and Quebec. We convey our condolences to the families of these two men. There is ongoing discussion to try to understand the reasons for such killings. The mother… Read more »

  • ISIS atrocities have little to do with religion

    Author: Alia Hogben I am tired, tired, tired of the onslaught of anti – Muslim rhetoric. There is no restraint in the nastiness directed at all things Muslim and Islam. Why is it acceptable when journalists, such as Ezra Levant, Anthony Furey or Lorne Gunter, write such diatribes against Muslims? If the same things were… Read more »

  • Citizenship Ceremony 

    Author: Alia Hogben On October 10, 2014, CCMW’s Executive Director, Alia Hogben, presided over a Citizenship Ceremony as the official at Bellevue House, Kingston, ON. We would like to share the speech on our website. This is an exciting and important day for you and your families, and I am honoured to be part of… Read more »