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Festival of Friendship fundraising dinner

Ottawa chapter members attended The Ottawa Muslim Women’s Organization’s annual Festival of Friendship fundraising dinner. The beneficiary will be the Shano Bejkosalaj Memorial Research Bursary For Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre. Keynote speaker is Cindy Blackstock, Exec. Dir. First Nations’ Child and Family Caring Society.

The Ottawa International Writer’s Festival – The Muslimah who Fell to Earth

The Ottawa International Writers’ Festival hosted a book launch: The Muslimah who Fell to Earth, by Samina S. Hussein. Other writers featured are Dr. Ferrukh Faruqui, Ottawa chapter member, and Hanan Abdulkadir of Montreal.

Granny Gathering of 2017

Fatma Maged, a member of the Ottawa chapter, is also a member of Grandmothers to Grandmothers campaign of the Ottawa group of volunteer Grannies, under the Stephen Lewis Foundation. She helped to organize the Granny Gathering of 2017, and sewed dozens of cloth bags given out to participant members. The Gathering is a celebration of… Read more »

Muslim community leaders thank elected officials

Author: Kathryn Greenaway Source: Montreal Gazette It’s been over two months since a lone gunman opened fire during prayers at a Quebec City mosque, killing six and wounding 19. Over the past week, Muslim leaders stepped forward to thank elected officials in Montreal and Ottawa for demonstrating leadership by speaking out against intolerance and Islamophobia in the weeks following… Read more »

Data analysis crucial when studying motivation for murderous attacks

Author: Kathryn Greenaway Source: Montreal Gazette I don’t wear a scarf in public. That way people don’t hate you as much. I know young Muslim families who won’t give their babies Muslim names because they don’t want them to be bullied.  – Amira Elias, vice-president of the Montreal chapter of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women… Read more »

Ottawa Could Be Canada’s Greatest Sanctuary City

Author: Shala Khan Salter (CCMW Ottawa Chapter Member, Director – Universalist Muslims) Source: Huffington Post This week, Ottawa City Council holds an information review, respecting a move to designate Ottawa to be a sanctuary city. Called “largely-symbolic” by some, a sanctuary city ensures all residents have access to municipal services, regardless of immigration status, without… Read more »

To Our Muslim Sisters: Don’t Let Faith Stop You From Getting Married

Author: Shahla Khan Salter (CCMW Ottawa Member, Director – Universalist Muslims) Source: Huffington Post Recently, Junaid Jahangir wrote a blog arguing that Muslim women can marry outside the faith. Junaid quoted 10 modern-day authorities and mentioned that Universalist Muslims and a few other organizations who are seated outside the traditional Islamic establishment, serve the Muslim… Read more »

Women’s groups want Ottawa to be a sanctuary city

Author: Ryan Tumilty Source: Metro News (President of Ottawa chapter Farhat Rehman and chapter member Shahla Khan Salter represented CCMW to call for the recognition of Ottawa as a sanctuary city for immigrants, refugees and migrant workers. The following article details the event.) A coalition of women’s shelters, sexual assault centres , and other women’s groups are… Read more »

Ottawa: Chapter member Dr. Ferrukh Faruqui speaks at a Press Conference on Quebec Shooting

Source: CPAC On February 8, 2017, Dr. Ferrukh Faruqui, member of the CCMW’s Ottawa chapter represented CCMW at a press conference on the deadly attack at a Quebec City mosque, alongside representatives of the National Council of Canadian Muslims and other community leaders. Speakers called on the Canadian government to take concrete measures against Islamophobia, racism, and discrimination,… Read more »

Abdirahman Abdi death: Somali mothers’ group calls for removal of two officers pending SIU probe

Source: Ottawa Citizen Author: Norman Provencher A group of Somali mothers in Ottawa is calling for the city’s police force to “remove” two officers pending the completion of the provincial watchdog’s review of the July 24 death of Abdirahman Abdi. “We demand that Chief (Charles) Bordeleau immediately remove the two police officers. . . . We do not feel safe with them… Read more »