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Muslim youth make house calls in Moose Jaw as national outreach continues

Source: Radio Canada International Author: Carmel Kilkenny Muslim young people were visiting homes in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan yesterday in an effort to dispel the myths and misunderstandings about the second-largest religion, after Christianity, in the world. Ahmadi Muslims come from an Islamic religious movement established in Punjab, British India, near the end of the 19th… Read more »

Conversations on Islam: Talks at University of Winnipeg to spread knowledge, banish myths

Source: CBC News A University of Winnipeg religion professor says Winnipeg isn’t immune to Islamophobia, but hopes he and others can disarm it at a panel discussion on the subject on Monday. “Very simply put, I hope that if people can understand more about the Islamic tradition, historically and today, that we can sort of defuse… Read more »

M-103 Can Ban Islamophobia, But Only Honest Dialogue Will End It

Author: Junaid Jahangir Source: Huff Post Politics Recently MP Iqra Khalid received death threats for presenting motion M-103. The motion calls for condemning Islamophobia in the wake of the Quebec mosque shooting. The reaction to her motion and the blockage of a Toronto mosque only corroborate the virulent hatred against Muslims that exists among some segments in Canada. The… Read more »

Ottawa: Chapter member Dr. Ferrukh Faruqui speaks at a Press Conference on Quebec Shooting

Source: CPAC On February 8, 2017, Dr. Ferrukh Faruqui, member of the CCMW’s Ottawa chapter represented CCMW at a press conference on the deadly attack at a Quebec City mosque, alongside representatives of the National Council of Canadian Muslims and other community leaders. Speakers called on the Canadian government to take concrete measures against Islamophobia, racism, and discrimination,… Read more »

Montreal Chapter on CKUT radio show on Eid-ul-Adha

Author: Shaheen Ashraf “Festival of the Sacrifice”, also called the “Sacrifice Feast” or “Baqr-a-Eid”, is the second of two main Muslim Holidays celebrated worldwide each year, and Eid-ul-Adha is considered the holier of the two Muslim Festivals because it honours the willingness of Prophet Abraham to sacrifice his son, as an act of submission to… Read more »

Abdirahman Abdi death: Somali mothers’ group calls for removal of two officers pending SIU probe

Source: Ottawa Citizen Author: Norman Provencher A group of Somali mothers in Ottawa is calling for the city’s police force to “remove” two officers pending the completion of the provincial watchdog’s review of the July 24 death of Abdirahman Abdi. “We demand that Chief (Charles) Bordeleau immediately remove the two police officers. . . . We do not feel safe with them… Read more »

Montreal Jews and Muslims Unite to Help Syrian Refugees

Original Source: Canadian Jewish News Author: Janice Arnold Jews and Muslims can find common cause in assisting Syrian refugees, and in doing so, appreciate the similarity of their religious values. That was the message conveyed at a meeting of members of the two communities addressed by Rabbi Lisa Grushcow, senior rabbi of Temple Emanu-El-Beth Sholom,… Read more »

Idle No More and friends gather to protest anti-terror bill

Original Source: Ottawa Citizen Idle No More and friends gather to protest anti-terror bill Members of the Idle No More community and supporters protested on Parliament hill Saturday to loudly reject the Conservatives’ anti-terror legislation, Bill C-51. Despite the government’s recent proposed amendments to the legislation that would safeguard protesters from being detained by the new… Read more »

Sheila and Victor Goldbloom Distinguished Community Service Award

Shaheen Ashraf, CCMW Board Member at the Sheila and Victor Goldbloom Distinguished Community Service Award On October 8, 2015, the Quebec Community Groups Network marked the seventh anniversary of the Sheila and Victor Goldbloom Distinguished Community Service Award and the first ever presentation of the Young Quebecers Leading the Way Award, co-sponsored by CBC Montreal and… Read more »