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Canada Visits Sweden To Talk About Inclusiveness

Author: David Johnston Source: Huff Post Politics The ovation lasted a full three minutes, and boy, was it loud. What ovation, you ask? I’m referring to the one given just over a month ago in Ottawa, Canada to Sweden native and former Ottawa Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson, whose No. 11 jersey was recently retired by… Read more »

M-103 Can Ban Islamophobia, But Only Honest Dialogue Will End It

Author: Junaid Jahangir Source: Huff Post Politics Recently MP Iqra Khalid received death threats for presenting motion M-103. The motion calls for condemning Islamophobia in the wake of the Quebec mosque shooting. The reaction to her motion and the blockage of a Toronto mosque only corroborate the virulent hatred against Muslims that exists among some segments in Canada. The… Read more »

Musawah’s 8th Anniversary

On February 14, 2017 Musawah celebrated its 8th anniversary. To mark this special occasion, CCMW participated by posting a video message to show our support. Watch CCMW’s board member from Calgary, Tahira Ebrahim’s message to Musawah.

96.9 Radio Humber Interviews Alia Hogben

On Friday February 3rd, 2017, 96.9 Humber Radio interviewed Alia Hogben regarding issues impacting Muslim women, particularly the hijab, niqab and Islamophobic government policies in the US. You may listen to the full interview below.

Campaigning against discrimination

  Author: Alia Hogben Source: Whig Column Happy New Year! Recently, our organization, the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, was honoured that our government invited us to be on a panel at the U.N Forum on Anti –Muslim Discrimination on January 17/2017. As the Forum was organized by Canada, the U.S, the European Union and… Read more »

Canadian Council of Muslim Women working to end violence

Author: Carmel Kilkenny Source: CBC The Canadian Council of Muslim Women, (CCMW) completed the first session this past Saturday, training the trainers, who will deliver workshops to Muslim men and boys in an effort to end violence in the family. Sahar Zaidi, the project coordinator with the CCMW, said there were about 30 people in… Read more »

Engaging Men and Boys to End Violence in the Family on CBC Radio International

Sahar Zaidi, CCMW’s Project Coordinator gave a radio interview about CCMW’s workshop series, Engaging Men and Boys to End Violence in the Family on CBC Radio International. The following article documents the workshop and is based in part on the aforementioned interview with Sahar Zaidi.   Click here to listen to the full interview.

CCMW Montreal: A Montreal Muslim’s letter to Santa Claus

Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is to wake up and not find the word “Muslims” in the news — especially if it’s about Muslims in Quebec. News, be it good or bad, is part of life, but what I am referring to is the importance placed on trivia that neither informs nor entertains, but fans the flames… Read more »

Canadian Muslims commemorate international day of persons with disabilities

Source: Iqra Canadian Muslims commemorated the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on Saturday, December 3 at a breakfast gathering at the Braeben Golf Club in Mississauga. “There are at least 150,000 Muslims with disabilities in Canada alone,” Rabia Khedr, Executive director, CAM-D – Canadian Association of Muslims with Disabilities, told the gathering. “About 24,000… Read more »

I Am Rohingya: A Documentary

In the summer of 2015, a group of Rohingya refugee youth (ages 8-22) from Kitchener, Ontario decided enough was enough. No longer would the plight of their people be ignored by the media and the international community. Together, they opted to share the stories of their families’ harrowing escape from Burma, chronicling what life is like living in a refugee camp and portraying the struggles of resettling in a new country.

Canada’s 1st hijabi anchor hopes to change stereotype

Author: Dina al-Shibeeb Source: Al-Arabiya Ginella Massa, who on Friday became the first Canadian woman donning the Islamic veil covering the hair known as hijab, told Al Arabiya English that she hopes this will change “misconceptions” about Muslim women. “I hope being on air in the hijab can help change perceptions about what Muslim women can do… Read more »