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Asma Lamrabet: Morocco’s Muslim feminist polymath

Source: The Guardian Moroccan author Asma Lamrabet is used to multi-tasking — mixing her writing with a career in medicine — but perhaps her most noteworthy balancing act is being both a faithful Muslim and a committed feminist. A tireless advocate for gender equality in a region where women’s rights often lag far behind those… Read more »

Muslim Peel students can write own sermons, but prayers will continue to be supervised

Author: Mike Smee Source: CBC The Peel District School Board is stepping back from a new policy that forced Muslim students to choose from a bank of stock sermons during Friday prayers, rather than writing their own. In a revised policy released Friday, board staff recommend that students be given a choice between delivering sermons… Read more »

1 in 5 college women say they were violated

Author: Nick Anderson,  Scott Clement Source: The Washington Post Twenty percent of young women who attended college during the past four years say they were sexually assaulted, according to a Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation poll. But the circle of victims on the nation’s campuses is probably even larger. Many others endured attempted attacks, the poll found, or… Read more »

Top 10 moments for women’s rights in 2016: Inspiration for the year ahead

Source: Global Fund for Women When you look back on 2016, what will you remember? It’s been a year filled with extreme highs and lows for women’s rights around the world. There have been rollbacks and new challenges for women and girls in countless countries, from the United States to Turkey and Brazil. As we look back on the past… Read more »

The Muslim gender gap in educational attainment is shrinking

Author: Caryle Murphy Source: PEW Research Centre On average, Muslim men around the world have more formal schooling than women, a fact well-known by Nobel Peace Prize-winner Malala Yousafzai and other Muslim activists for female education. But while the Muslim gender gap in education remains large, relative to most other major religious groups, it has… Read more »

Forced Conversions

Author: Bina Shah Source: Dawn WHEN the Sindh Assembly passed the law against forced conversion, it was hailed as a landmark piece of legislation for the protection of Sindh’s minorities. In rural Sindh, Hindu girls and women are sometimes forced by local landlords and petty thugs to ‘convert’ to Islam and get married (pretty much… Read more »

Muslims discuss challenging times at RIS convention

Source: Iqra The Reviving the Islamic Spirit Convention (RIS) got underway on Friday, December 23, in Toronto with thousands of people from North America and beyond streaming into Metro Toronto Convention Centre for the three-day gathering. The challenges facing Muslims in the US and around the world were the central theme of the Friday Khutba… Read more »

Article 16(1) – Repeal it or continue to render Muslim women and girls as unequal citizens

Authors: Hyshyama Hamin and Hasanah Cegu Issadeen Source: MPL Reforms In November, we completed ‘Unequal Citizens: Muslim women’s struggle for justice and equality in Sri Lanka’ – a one-year study that sought answers as to why the reforms to the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act (MMDA) was many decades overdue. In light of the constitutional… Read more »

OCDC failing inmates with mental illness, supporters say

Author: Paula Maccooey Source: Ottawa Citizen Supporters of an inmate who took his own life while at the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre held a vigil outside the jail Wednesday evening to send a message: that mentally ill inmates should be in treatment centres, not prisons. Justin St. Amour, who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, hanged himself in his segregation… Read more »

The Violence of Gender Discrimination in Nationality Laws

Author:  Catherine Harrington, Campaign Manager, Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation News Upon first glance, gender-based violence (GBV) and laws pertaining to citizenship may seem worlds apart. In fact, there are significant links between women’s nationality rights and GBV. During these 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, it is a good time to consider how gender discrimination… Read more »

Canadian Muslims commemorate international day of persons with disabilities

Source: Iqra Canadian Muslims commemorated the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on Saturday, December 3 at a breakfast gathering at the Braeben Golf Club in Mississauga. “There are at least 150,000 Muslims with disabilities in Canada alone,” Rabia Khedr, Executive director, CAM-D – Canadian Association of Muslims with Disabilities, told the gathering. “About 24,000… Read more »