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Exploring what it means to be a Canadian Muslim – A Historic Gathering of Youth from Across Canada

The Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW) is responding to an urgent call to action from Muslim mothers across Canada. CCMW has initiated a unique forum, leaving it to Muslim youth from across Canada to organize. It is an opportunity for them to explore what it means to be a Canadian Muslim and the many paths they can travel on the road to citizenship, without taking dangerous detours.

CCMW’s Submission to Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Antisemitism

We would also like to express our trepidation regarding the scope of the inquiry and what the Coalition seems to view as ‘Antisemitic’. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica the term Semite includes “Arabs, Akkadians, Canaanites, some Ethiopians, and Aramaean tribes including Hebrews.” However, it appears the scope of the inquiry is restricted to studying discrimination against only members of the Jewish faith.

Canadian Muslim Women Honoured For Contributions to Canadian Society

Five Canadian Muslim women including Don Valley East MP Yasmin Ratansi, are the recipients of the 2009 Women Who Inspire Awards for their commitment to women’s equality and their work in fostering diversity and inclusion.
The Awards, to be presented by the Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW) at the Noor Cultural Centre on Sunday, May 24, recognize Canadian Muslim women who have made a difference in the lives of others in Canada and around the world.

Scholarship in Honour of Dr. Lila Fahlman, Founder of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women

At its fall 2006 conference, the CCMW launched a scholarship to mark its 25th anniversary in 2007 and to honour Dr. Lila Fahlman, educator, philanthropist and the founder of the Council. Dr. Fahlman, who dedicated her life to public service, was a trailblazer for Muslim women in civic life. In 1971, she ran for public office on the New Democratic Party ticket in a federal election.

Canadian Muslim Women: Shifting from Integration to Segregation?

The Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW) has released a compendium of three research papers on the theme of Canadian Muslim Women at the Crossroads: From Integration to Segregation? According to various studies by CCMW, Muslim women tend to be disengaged from civic and political life in Canada. Despite high levels of education, they are also more likely to be underemployed or absent from the labour force.

Canadian Council of Muslim Women Honours Canadian Muslim Women Who Inspire

The Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW) is honouring Canadian Muslim Women who have made a difference in the lives of others in Canada and elsewhere. CCMW is bestowing its first-ever awards to Muslim “Women Who Inspire”, to provide role models for girls and women and promote a positive image of Canadian Muslim women.

Canadian Council of Muslim Women Releases a Comparative Primer on Muslim and Canadian Family Laws

The Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW), will launch the first publication of its kind in Canada, Muslim and Canadian Family Law: A Comparative Primer, at its national conference this Saturday, November 18, in Ottawa. The Primer is designed to provide information comparing Muslim and Canadian family laws to a range of audiences, including Muslim women, lawyers, social service providers, students, and the judiciary.

One Law For All Ontarians!

The Canadian Council of Muslim Women, along with the coalition of over 50 sister organizations, commends the Premier of Ontario for his announcement today that no religious laws will be allowed in private legally binding arbitration for family matters.

Initial Response to Marion Boyd’s Report on the Arbitration Act

The Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW) expresses disappointment in Marion Boyd’s report on Ontario’s 1991Arbitration Act – which the former NDP Government, with Ms. Boyd as a Cabinet minister made law. CCMW intends to hold elected Ontario MPPs and their officials accountable for the damage that will be done if Ms. Boyd’s recommendations are not seriously questioned.

Muslim Women in Canada: Overeducated and Underemployed

Muslim women in Canada are highly educated yet experience higher rates of underemployment and unemployment compared to other women in the country, according to a report to be released this weekend by the Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW). The report entitled, Muslim Women: Beyond the Perceptions, is the first study of its kind and presents a demographic profile of Canadian Muslim women that challenges many of the myths and stereotypes associated with this segment of the Canadian population.