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False Hijab-cutting incident a lesson for all

Author: Alia Hogben Source: Whig Column As Canadians, we are much influenced by whatever happens in the United States, from their culture to their politics. The recent election of Donald Trump has left most of us stunned, bewildered and perhaps even fearful. Should we in Canada worry about the spread of the recent political ideas from the… Read more »

Hoping compassion, empathy prevail in new year

Author: Alia Hogben Source: Whig Column How time flies! The year is almost ending and it is time to reflect on some significant events of 2017. The Canadian Council of Muslim Women celebrated its 35th anniversary in October.  We are fortunate in having a dear friend, Senator Marilou McPhedran, who organized a birthday party with cake, a… Read more »

Woman chooses to wear niqab

Author: Alia Hogben Source: Whig Column   The recent passing of the Quebec Bill 62 into law has affected Muslims, especially Canadian Muslim women who wear the niqab or full face covering. Amongst other restrictions, they will receive no public services or be allowed to use public transportation. The Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW) has been… Read more »

Muslim ‘religious’ family laws

Author: Alia Hogben Source: Kingston Whig-Standard Far too often our organization, the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, gets frantic, sad calls from Muslim women asking about family laws. They are confused about which family laws apply to them in Canada. They are often told that Muslim family laws are religiously mandated and apply in all… Read more »

Equality, Equity, Empowerment

Author: Alia Hogben Source: Kingston Whig-Standard This is a significant year as it marks the 35th anniversary of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and of our organization, the Canadian Council of Muslim Women. The Charter has had a pervasive influence on women and their rights, so it is an opportune time to hold… Read more »

Sharia and jurisprudence not the same

By Alia Hogben KINGSTON – The other night, at our three-generation dinner table, the topic of “sharia law” came up and caused some confusion and tension. The world is falling apart around us for a number of reasons and one of these reasons is misunderstandings between Muslims and non-Muslims. One example is the constant misuse… Read more »

Abou Ben Adhem

Author: Alia Hogben At the end of May, Ramadan will start for Muslims. This is a month of fasting from dawn to sunset and is one of the five practices of Islam, which includes belief in One God; regular prayers; charity and the pilgrimage. We believe it was in this month that the Prophet Mohammad… Read more »

A state visit to Sweden

Author: Alia Hogben Source: Kingston Whig-Standard KINGSTON – When I say that I often feel blessed and fortunate, people are bemused because many negative events have happened in our personal lives and in the lives of many Muslims. I don’t ignore these but I believe that to move forward we must focus on the many… Read more »

Share in each other’s celebrations

Author: Alia Hogben Source: Whig Column During this time of chaos, upheavals, conflicts and hatred, I have a simple suggestion to bring people together. This is not to ask anyone to be “politically correct” or to give up on their own beliefs and practices. It is simply to extend a warm welcome by the sharing… Read more »

Teaching the message of Islam

Author: Alia Hogben Source: Whig Column “Is it correct that the Quran teaches violence” asked my grandson. I try not to be defensive about Islam, nor give a sharp repartee that other sacred texts are full of violent verses. Neither of these responses will help my grandson. He knows that in his world Islam and… Read more »

Muslim Women’s Clothing

Author: Alia Hogben Source: Whig Column Controversy over Muslim women’s clothing has caused recent headlines, namely the burkini on the French beach and the hijab as part of the RCMP uniform. I am sickened by the photograph of a French beach where three police officers crowd around a Muslim woman who is being forced to… Read more »

BLOG: Alia Hogben

Author: Alia Hogben Source: Whig Standard Column What does Sharia mean? It is discussed often enough, but with a lack of clarity as to its correct meaning. It is disturbing when concepts and words are misconstrued not only by non-Muslims but by Muslims themselves. For example, the powerful concept of Sharia is used in contradictory… Read more »

Diversity Enriches a Country

Source: Whig Column Author: Alia Hogben Date: July 16/16. What do Brexit and Trump and Daesh (ISIS) have in common? How do these global entities affect me as a Canadian Muslim woman? These groups are driven by xenophobia – an intense, irrational fear of anything perceived as foreign or strange. This fear leads, amongst many… Read more »

Alia Hogben: Newcomers and Canadian Values

Author: Alia Hogben    Original Source: Whig Column It is wonderful to witness the outpouring of compassion for the Syrian refugees who are being welcomed to Canada. A lot of work is being done by governments and by the private sponsoring individuals and groups to assist these families to settle in their new environment. As part… Read more »