Religious Figures’ Gathering

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 3.08.49 PMShaheen Ashraf from the CCMW Montreal chapter participated in a Religious Figures’ Gathering production by OKAY George! Studio.


George Karkour, a Syrian-Canadian documentary filmmaker, is exploring the state of affairs of interracial relations in North American societies, in Quebec in particular. What do different racial groups have in common? Do they face social and professional obstacles? What is implicit racial bias? How bad is it? And how do different racial groups perceive it? George has already started working closely with the Aboriginal, Arab and Black centres to learn as much as he can about them. Are there racial “communities” per say? Is the Alt-Right movement growing or is it just a sensationalized topic by the media?


Contrary to what one might think, this interview’s primary focus is not about religion, but rather, it’s an occasion to discuss the topic of race (and racial issues) from a religious perspective. So the primary theme is race, and religion is secondary. However, we will naturally brush on the fundamentals of the different religions throughout our discussions and answers. The interview is friendly, informal and is meant to be an intimate and happy event where great ideas are being discussed.

Once the film is aired, we will share the link here.