CCMW Position on Femicide (not honour killing)

CCMW Position on Femicide (Not Honour Killing)Position

The Canadian Council of Muslim Women is strongly opposed to the use of the term  “honour killing” to describe the murder of women and girls.

Our argument is that no murder of a woman should be categorized by the rationale provided by the murderer, or by society itself, whether it be so called honour killing or crimes of passion.

We urge that all murders/killings be identified as femicide – the killing of women and girls simply because they are females. This includes the killing of girls as infants – infanticide. This term does not separate women and girls into distinct groups based on race, culture or religion, and murders are the crimes committed against anyone of them.

We hold that all forms of violence against women are regressive because somewhere in here lies misogyny and the lessened value of the lives of women and girls.

Download the whole position paper to keep reading: CCMW Position on Femicide (Not Honour Killing)