Position Statement on Polygamy in the Quran and in Canada

Position Paper - Polygamy in the Quran and in CanadaIntroduction

As believing Canadian Muslim women we base our positions on both the Quran and the laws of Canada. We believe in the interpretation of Islam which emphasizes universal rights of all humans, including women.

CCMW believes in the universal rights of all, including equality. Equality means full rights as a citizen in matters of the state, as well as equality within the family.

In the instance of polygamy, we believe it is inherently harmful to women and children, because the family structure is based on the values of tribal patriarchy.

We support the decision of Justice Bauman, of the B.C. Supreme Court, to uphold the ban of polygamy.

Even if there are individuals who want such a family structure, we believe there are reasonable limits to freedoms, including religious freedom, as stated in the Charter.

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