Sad Day for Canadians

– For Immediate Release –

(October 23, 2014) All members of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW) join with our fellow Canadians in conveying our condolences to the families of Corporal Nathan Cirillo who was killed while standing guard at the Ottawa National War Memorial, and of Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent who was murdered in Quebec on October 20, 2014. Words are inadequate in expressing our horror and our sorrow.

It is a profoundly sad day for Canadians because what has happened today is out of character of our nation.

Although it is not yet confirmed, from the media reports, as to the motivation of Michael Zehaf Bibeau, it is reported that he was a Muslim. If he or Martin Couture-Rouleau killed in the name of Islam, we are extremely saddened that they so misconstrued the teachings of their faith, and acted so violently and murderously.

We hope our voices will be heard when we speak out loudly and clearly that the actions of those who commit murder and chaos do not reflect our understanding of Islam.

Contact: Alia Hogben, Executive Director, or 613.382.2847

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