There Is No Honour In Killing

The Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW) condemns the murder of women in the name of family honour or for any other reason. There is zero tolerance in our faith for the murder of another human being.

CCMW uses the term customary killing for this type of abhorrent crime, although this term is also not ideal, as we believe there is no honour in killing.

The trial underway in Kingston of a man, his wife and his son for the alleged murder of the man’s three daughters and his first wife is once again fuelling debate about “honour killings.” The man admitted himself that he committed the heinous act to protect the honour of his family. His actions are based on his misogynist and patriarchal views and the manifestations of violence against women and girls that permeate societies worldwide. Canada is not immune to this reality.

CCMW’s position is that defining murder by the rationale for killing diminishes the death of the woman and shifts the focus onto the perpetrator. Our argument is that in Canada no murder of a woman should be categorized by the rationale provided by the murderer, or by society itself, whether it be a so-called honour killing or a crime of passion.

CCMW is confident that justice will prevail and the trial will come to a just conclusion for the murder of the four women so brutally killed by those who should have loved them.

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