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Honouring 35 years of CCMW and Alia Hogben

The Montreal and Ottawa Chapter Jointly celebrated the leadership of Alia Hogben, CCMW’s Executive Director, at a luncheon in her honour and presented her with a commemorative photo frame.  

Religious Figures’ Gathering

Shaheen Ashraf from the CCMW Montreal chapter participated in a Religious Figures’ Gathering production by OKAY George! Studio. THE FILM George Karkour, a Syrian-Canadian documentary filmmaker, is exploring the state of affairs of interracial relations in North American societies, in Quebec in particular. What do different racial groups have in common? Do they face social and professional obstacles?… Read more »

Arthritis Mini-Conference

Canadian Arthritis Trainee Association (CATA)-Quebec, CCMW Montreal and the Arthritis Society of Montreal held a mini-conference on arthritis on Sunday April 9, 2017, which included three speakers. The resident orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Abdul Rahman Alaseem, talked about the different types of arthritis and how they are manifested in the body, with the help of slides… Read more »