Charges Under the Terrorism Act Against Three Canadian Muslim Men


Along with all Canadians, we are shocked to hear of the threats of violence being made by fellow citizens on Canadian and foreign soil.

It is a matter of enormous sadness for us that the three accused men are Canadian Muslims.

At this time it is futile to defend, apologize or explain that this is against Islam, but we can and do condemn the use of violence to resolve any issues, for it is well known that violence only begets more violence.

We are relieved that CSIS and RCMP have acted promptly to ensure the security of neighbourhoods and the country. We have confidence that these organizations will proceed with caution, keeping in mind the welfare of all Canadians.

These men will be tried in our courts and we hope the trials will be open and fair and the principle that individuals are presumed innocent till proven guilty will be upheld.

As an organization of believing women, we know that we share the responsibility of fighting against such acts of violence, and will continue to educate ourselves, our families and the communities that the principles of our faith are compassion, social justice and equality of all. We will strive to assist women and our families to engage in all aspects of Canadian living as proud, active Canadians.

We pray and hope that others will avoid the mistaken paths which these men are alleged to have followed.

We hope that this alarming development will not prejudice our fellow Canadians from assuming the worst about Muslims in their midst who are also alarmed at these events.