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Common Ground

The Common Ground Project (CGP) was a national Canadian youth-led inter-faith inter-cultural initiative of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW) with support from Citizenship and Immigration Canada from December 2011 to May 2013.

Vision The vision of the Common Ground Project was to facilitate transformational dialogue between diverse Canadian youth in order to develop a more harmonious civil society.

Goals In the short term, the initiative aimed at fostering civic pride and responsibilities of citizenship, while promoting inter- faith and inter-cultural understanding. The long term goal springing from this work is to develop a national network of Canadian youth committed to inter-faith/inter-cultural cooperation.

The way youth leading the project worked towards achieving these goals was to organize inter-faith inter-cultural activities for more than 400 diverse youth mostly aged 18-28 in 10 Canadian cities, providing them with opportunities to develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills to pragmatically address local civic issues of shared concern.


Through the Common Ground Project, the participating youth:

  • increased knowledge about citizenship responsibilities & civic engagement
  • engaged within their local communities and positively upheld responsibilities of citizenship
  • increased interfaith and intercultural understanding
  • increased their sense of belonging and shared citizenship between participants of the project activities, thereby contributing to social cohesion in Canada
  • gained skills which increased their employability
  • developed tools which others can use to promote civic engagement

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