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Canada Post issues Eid stamp to recognize two festivals celebrated by Muslims in Canada and around the world

OTTAWA – Canada Post issued an Eid stamp that recognizes Eid al-Fitrand Eidal-Adha, two of the most important festivals celebrated by Muslims in Canada and worldwide. The stamps were unveiled at events with members of the Muslim communities in Montréal, Que. and Richmond Hill, Ont. Montréal and the Greater Toronto Area are home to more than… Read more »

Eid Mubarik & Happy Canada- 150

Eid Mubarik & Happy Canada- 150 2017 is special as this year’s Eid coincides with Canada’s 150 birthday anniversary, reminding us to be thankful for our blessings to be Canadian citizens living in peace and enjoying the fundamental human rights of freedom and equality. Canada’s welcome of thousands of predominantly Muslim refugees best honors the… Read more »

Why are Indian Muslims using the Arabic word ‘Ramadan’ instead of the traditional ‘Ramzan’?

Author: Shoaib Daniyal Source: It’s that time of the year again. As the annual month of dawn-to-dusk fasting begins, people everywhere are girding their social media loins to fight the inevitable lexical war that’s about to break out: Ramzan or Ramadan? This contentious battle is being fought over the name of the ninth month… Read more »

The Problem with Liberal Opposition to Islamophobia

Author: Azeezah Kanji and S.K. Hassan Source: ROAR Magazine Between Donald Trump’s Muslim ban and the murder of six Muslim men in a mosque in Québec City, the debate around Islamophobia has again taken center stage in North American politics. On the other side of the Atlantic, anti-Islam groups like Pegida, the Front National and… Read more »

Grassroots leaders show the way

Author: Zainah Anwar Source: The Star Online They are no Westernised feminists but they see themselves as equal to men and with the right to build a better Indonesia. WHAT is it about the way Islam is taught and practised in Indonesia that over 500 women religious leaders could come together to issue fatwas declaring… Read more »

7 Muslim Male Scholars Who Support Female Imams

Author: Junaid Jahangir Source: The Blog In 2005, Muslim scholar Dr. Amina Wadud led Friday prayers despite bomb threats. Curiously, 12 years later, a Muslim consultant, Yasmin Mogahed, addressed a query at the “About Islam” website. Mogahed invoked consensus that men should lead prayers and that women should stop mimicking men. She created a binary… Read more »

Malala’s Speech to Canadian Parliament

Author: Canadian Press Source: CBC News The prepared text of Malala Yousafzai’s speech Wednesday, April 12, 2017 to MPs, senators, dignitaries and guests during a joint session of Parliament. Note, the text may differ from her speech as delivered: (Click the picture to watch the video) Bismillah hir rahman ir rahim. In the name of… Read more »

CAJM Passover Message

Dear Friends, We at the Canadian Association of Jews and Muslims extend heartfelt greetings to our Jewish brothers and sisters who are celebrating Passover beginning today at sundown. Passover commemorates the Jewish exodus from Egypt when an enslaved people achieved freedom from their oppressors. The Passover message of freedom from oppression is not confined to the Jewish… Read more »

A guide to Canada’s anti-Islamic groups

Author: Steven Zhou Source: Now It would be wrong to pin the blame for the recent increase in anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant racism on one source. Recent demonstrations against Muslims, including a high profile protest outside of downtown’s Masjid Toronto not long after the Quebec City mosque shooting, are the handiwork of a tight circle of far-right… Read more »

How to defeat racism? Get to know one another

Author: Zarqa Nawaz Source: The Globe and Mail (Zarqa Nawaz is the creator of Little Mosque on the Prairie and the author ofLaughing All the Way to the Mosque) When I first learned that Irish immigrants were discriminated against, I was confused. Like meteors that come from outer space, don’t all white people originate from… Read more »

Women in Politics: 2017 – Map Resource – Progress of Women in Government Leadership Continues to Be Slow

Source: Women’s UN Report Network   Inter-Parliamentary Union & UN Women – A unique visual tool to capture women’s participation in executive government and in parliament, the map of Women in Politics not only provides a country ranking for both ministerial and parliamentary representation, but also statistics on women in political leadership positions – Heads… Read more »

Tech vs Abuse: Research Findings

Authors: Chayn Snook and SafeLives Domestic abuse takes many forms: psychological, physical, sexual, financial, and emotional, with control and coercion at its heart. Its impact on individuals and families is profound and long-lasting. Every year, over two million people experience domestic abuse. This includes 100,000 people who are at high risk of murder and serious… Read more »

Why are Jewish Groups Not Speaking Up for Muslims?

Authors: Dr. Barbara Landau and Shahid Akhtar Source: Canadian Association of Jews and Muslims As Co-Chairs of the Canadian Association of Jews and Muslims, we are deeply saddened by the competition for victimhood unleashed by the response to M-103. Standing up for each other – and against all forms of racism and hatred has been our mandate… Read more »