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Pilot Mentorship Program 2017

The Canadian Council of Muslim Women- Toronto Chapter (CCMW-TO) is launching a six-month pilot mentorship program that aims to inspire and empower Muslim women to pursue their future career goals and aspirations.

Registration is now open! Deadline Sunday, June 18, 2017!



How it Works


By facilitating membership relationships and providing ongoing tools and resources, CCMW- Toronto aims to help mentees identify, articulate and develop a strategy to reach their career goals and aspiration. Mentees will be interviewed, and matched with mentors based on professional field of interest, personality, stated goals and experience from a diverse set of industries.



Areas of Focus


Advising and Coaching
Advice on the unique challenges and common struggles of being an early career professional (i.e. how move up, build your network, etc.) and subtle nuances of work culture (i.e. when to say “no”,  etc.)
Networking and Career Development
Guide mentee to actively engage in career development and the pursuit of strategic career advancement plans by giving them access to valuable, career enhancing relationships (i.e. recommend conferences, bring them to a networking event, facilitate an introduction with your contact, etc.)








The Power of Mentorship


Benefits For the Mentor
Improved coaching and leadership skills; opportunity to reflect on own career path – mentors often report how much ‘they learn from the relationship’ and are challenged to ‘practice what they preach’ – ; and increased sense of belonging and connectedness with the community
Benefits for the Mentee
Mentorship is positively correlated with improved performance career advancement, and enhancement of ‘soft skills’ and career/ job satisfaction; assistance in clarifying career trajectory and creating strategics to achieve a goal; and access to a potential role model, friend and counsellor.









Cultivating a strong network as a professional is a critical step for advancement and development, especially for women. Studies show that having an influential mentor was the top career advancement strategy for women executives. And that not having a mentor is the top advancement barrier for women of colour.



Mentor: Mid-Senior Level Professionals

  • Any field/ industry
  • Working in a mid-senior level role (senior professional/ manager and above)

Mentee: Early Career Professionals

  • Recent graduates
  • Professionals in the first few years of their career (approx. 5 years or less)
  • And/ or recent immigrants to Canada


Mentors and mentees will meet either by phone or in person for minimum one hour for a duration of six months.

This is the minimum commitment of the program. Ultimately, it’s up to the mentor/ mentee to determine what works best for them.

Mentors and Mentees will provide critical feedback and guidance at the end of the program for the future development of the program.

For more information or if you are having problems accessing the registration forms, please contact: Nazish Sardar, Program Executive for CCMW Toronto Chapter at naz.sardar@gmail.com

(Note: Please check your security settings on your browser if you are having problems accessing the registration forms)