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No Religious Arbitration

In late 2003, the Ontario Islamic Institute of Civil Justice announced that it intended to establish a “sharia court” that would offer legally binding arbitration to Muslim families. As a result of this declaration, Canada and the province of Ontario engaged in intensive rounds of debate concerning the highly controversial recognition and application of religious based laws (Christian, Jewish and Muslim) to private and family affairs.

Surrounded by widespread media attention which centered on multiculturalism, Islam and the rights of women and minorities; opponents and proponents of religious arbitration included those from within and outside the Muslim community. Our organization which continued to affirm its commitment to the empowerment of Canadian Muslim women and their families took the lead on establishing a coalition against No Religious arbitration. Composed of over 50 sister organizations, including the National Association of Women and the Law (NAWL), METRAC and the YWCA, the No Religious Arbitration movement and CCMW’s work represented an array of complex issues and events. For more information on our involvement, please click on the resources below.

No Religious Arbitration – FAQs (.pdf file, ccmw.com)

Summary of the Marion Boyd Report (.pdf file, Website of the Attorney General)

Arbitration, Religion and Family Law: Private Justice on the Backs of Women (.pdf file, Paper by the National Association of Women and the Law)

The Reception of Muslim Family Law in Western Liberal States (.pdf file, Paper written by Pascale Fournier for CCMW)

No Religious Arbitration Coalition: What Have We Learned (.doc file, Paper by the National Association of Women and the Law)

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