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Our Team

Meet our team coordinating the CCMW’s youth civic engagement training project Civics Works!


Rizwan Mohammed, Project Coordinator, Toronto

A graduate of the University of Toronto specializing in Arabic Philosophy and Islamic Theology, Rizwan has been educating Canadian Muslims and the general public about Islam and coordinating national community development initiatives for several years. After working on various projects with the Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW), including “Muslim Youth Canada”, “Common Ground”, and “Communitas”, Rizwan worked with the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) on its national advocacy initiative, “Stronger Together”. Rizwan specializes in civic literacy education, civic engagement training, and community capacity building. Connect with Rizwan via email: youth@ccmw.com

Stephane L. Pressault, Project Coordinator, Ottawa

Stephane has been an active community organizer in Ottawa and across Canada for several years. He completed an M.A. in Public Ethics at Saint Paul University in Ottawa. His thesis focused on studying expressions of Islam in Canada. He recently delivered CCMW’s Project Communitas, a Canada-wide youth-led resilience initiative. Connect with Stephane via Twitter @slpressault or on LinkedIn